COVID-19 – Client Protocol and Guidelines

Inman Animal Hospital
Client Protocol and Guidelines
What to Expect During your Visit

As with all businesses, we have been affected in numerous ways by Covid-19 over the past several months. With this in mind, we are working to make your visit to Inman Animal Hospital a smooth experience, yet with not only the safety of you-our client- in mind, but also our staff. Because of the concerns we’re all faced with the following is what you can expect on during your visit.

1. Upon arrival – you may enter the building to enter the building to check in and give us your cell phone number. Everyone is required to wear a mask when inside our facility. Please DO NOT bring your pet in at this time. After checking in, please return to your car. We will call or text you when we are ready for you. (This works much like putting your name in at a restaurant.) **Please note: If you or anyone in your household has tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 30 days-call us before entering the building at 864-472-4185. Do the same if your pet has been housed with anyone testing positive in the last 30 days.

2. When we are ready for you, either a member of our staff will come and get your pet from the car or you will receive a call or text that you may come in to an exam room. If desired, you will be given the option to stay in your vehicle and a member of our staff will come to your vehicle to take a history and carry your pet inside for examination. IMPORTANT: Keep your cell phone available in case our staff needs to call you with additional questions once your pet is inside.

3. If you plan to come inside, we are asking that ONLY 1 PERSON accompany your pet inside unless you are disabled and need assistance.

4. Upon request we will deliver medications and food to your car in the parking lot. Payment can be made over the phone or at the car.

5. Above all, we thank you for your patience. We are all being inconvenienced in some way at the moment, but realize we are working in every way possible to not only keep you safe, but effectively treat your pet. It takes a little longer than before as we utilize our staff to meet with you at your vehicle, transport your pets to and from your vehicle, and as we thoroughly clean and disinfect each exam room after a client leaves. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with our policies for everyone’s safety and protection.