Boarding Policy

Drop off and pick up times are between 9-5 Monday-Friday.
If you need to drop off outside of those times, consider dropping off the day before. If you need to pick up after 5 please call the office.
So our staff may enjoy and spend time with family we do not offer pickups on holidays.
We have very limited spaced especially for larger dogs, so we do fill up quickly for holidays and during the summer.
**We Cannot Board any pet that shows aggression to the staff or other animals. Boarding entails a lot of hands on with your pet, including leash walks, putting food and water into the kennel, cleaning up around them when needed. Pets can become very stressed when in a new enviroment, so we ask if you have never left your pet before, consider dropping off for a day to see how they do.
All dogs must be at least 5 months of age and have had:
All cats must be at least 5 months of age and have had
*Feline Distemper
*Feline Leukemia or a Negative Feline Leukemia/Aids test
Dog Boarding Price is per pet per night $30
Cat Boarding Price is per pet per night $25
We do not charge extra to give oral medication.
However, if your pet is Diabetic the boarding charge is $40 a night.
We provide bedding, bowls and feed Purina EN. If you pet has a sensitive stomach, please consider bringing their food to limit stomach upset.